Sunday, December 13, 2009


I just wanted to let you all know that yes, I am alive. I just don't have anything to write about. My RE put me on birth control pills (because it's SO likely I'll get pregnant on my own *rolls eyes*) for this cycle and at least 1 more. I then have to go in for another HSG before we can get back on the TTC bandwagon. So, in short... I'm in limbo. Sleepless, frustrating, hormone induced limbo.

I can't wait for 2009 to be over. So long, worst year EVER!

Oh yeah, and if you were wanting to see the surgical pics from my ectopic, here is a link:
They are not for those with sensitive tummies. You've been warned.


JuliaS said...

Well, I would say you are lovely from your insides out . . . but after those pics??!! KIDDING!! You went through a lot and I can appreciate you wanting the year to just end already!

Here's wishing you a much much much much much better 2010.

PS - I don't think you're boring. :0)

PPS - Glad you are still around.

JuliaS said...

Just checking in on you - sending you wishes for a happy holiday. I hope you find much to look forward to in 2010.