Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am at a loss. Everything is so different. SO different. And in such a delightfully wonderful way, that I'm not sure it's real.

Miss E is 3 weeks old today. She had her 2 week check up on Monday, and everything is A-Okay. She is 1 ounce over her birth weight, and her Dr. seems very pleased with her growth. I am still sort of in shock that she is as big as she is. For all the estimates being no bigger than 7 lbs. 7 oz., it still has be reeling.

As far my recovery goes, well... it's going. I am to start an antibiotic today "just in case." The left side of my incision has been getting increasingly more red (both in width and length) so my Dr. called in a prescription to wipe out any possible infection. I'm not in a lot of pain most of the time, and haven't been since a day or so after the hospital. I get a little achy by the end of the day, and I am worn out by 6, but this is life. And it's fantastic.

The down-side? (*giggle) ME! I stepped on the scale on Monday, and I am currently 30lbs. below my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm not gonna lie. I'm thrilled about the weight loss. What I'm NOT thrilled about? Not having a single item of my wardrobe that fits me. Nada. Guess when EJ gets a little older we'll have to head to the outlets. YESSSSS!!!!

The only thing we are struggling with currently is nursing. Not in a terrible way, and nothing that we won't get through, but struggling nonetheless. Miss E is a slurper and it HURTS! She will not open her mouth wide! The first 2 weeks left me bruised, cracked, and bleeding and usually in tears whenever it was time to nurse on my left side. Luckily, we are passed that part, but she still slurps. It makes me crazy. I am currently waiting to hear back from the lactation consultant at the hospital where I delivered. Luckily they offer free services for a year after your baby is born. With LJ, we never had an issue. She was a pro-nurser. Miss E is just a little bit TOO in charge. LOL

Our house is just full of excitement these days. LJ is being baptized on Saturday (similar to a First Holy Communion), and Miss E will be blessed (like a Christening) next Saturday. Lots going on.

So, there's an update. I will try to check in soon, but honestly... I make no promises. =)

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Annie said...

It's soooo wonderful to be in a more normal place after all the years of struggling! I'm jealous of your amazing weight loss! Baby & I will soon be hitting the mall to get me some fat clothes. Not a fun shopping trip. I have only one pair of shorts that fit!

How wonderful to have a baptism AND blessing coming up! We just did that, too. My Warren got baptised and then Anastasia got blessed right after.