Friday, January 29, 2010

Rebel Commenting

I am soooo irritated right now! I have been trying for the last 20 minutes to comment on AnxiousMummy's blog and I can't! When I click "post comment" it refreshes the screen and doesn't save my comment. AGH!

Since I'm having a frustrating evening anyway (close cousin announced today, too!) I am just going to post my "comment" here. I hope you see it, AM! I am excited and nervous for you all at the same time. I hope everything goes magnificently Monday!

My original comment:

If you are worried about timing and triggers, perhaps you could try LH kits? We don't even do the trigger anymore because the LJ kits work so well for us. My RE has me test in the morning with SMU, and again in the evening between 5-9. We do the IUI 24 hours after the surge. My RE is picky though and only accepts results from Clear Blue Easy OPKs. So far they have never failed to accurately predict my ovulation. It's always confirmed by a temp. shift, too.
Best of luck on Monday. I will definitely be thinking of you!

Take that, Blogger! I will comment when I want to thankyouverymuch, with or without your permission!

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AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Hey Meim!
I'm here and thanks sooo much for the advice. How annoying about blogger, I've been having internet issues for the last few days too.
I'm a bit nervous for Monday but also a tiny bit excited too, I guess. I'm thinking of you while you're in the 2WW officially now!