Monday, May 16, 2011

HA! (Updated)

Have you ever just craved telling your doctor "I told ya so!"?

I have. It's totally childish, I admit. But hey - I can't help it.

I went for my follow up on Friday and my doctor did some blood work. If you remember, I went in last Wednesday and had my iron checked (just a finger prick) and I was literally STUNNED that it came back normal. I have had an issue with anemia for a couple of years, so I fully expected it to be the issue. I was told that it wasn't. When I went in on Friday for my GD screening I asked the phlebotomist to run an iron panel as well. Call me skeptic, I don't care. My doc skeptically okay'd the test and told me that the labs would all be back on Monday (today). He canned the bed rest and told me just to "move slower" and "pound down the water." Well, I can't really say that I moved any slower (LJ's birthday party left me chasing after 6 9-year-olds) but I definitely gave my bladder a work out.

I called this morning for my lab results. My doctor hasn't signed off on them or given any recommendations yet, but in a nutshell - my iron is completely out of whack. Low saturation, high binding capacity. I can't wait to talk to my Dr. He looked at me as if I were an alien when I requested the test. He told me that if the finger prick test was normal, the labs should be "just fine" as well, and that if they were off that it would be "strange" and that he was going to send me to a hematologist. So, we'll see what he says, but I can't help but gloat in my head. I FREAKIN' TOLD YOU SO!!!

Oh, and the nurse said that my blood sugar came back "a little high" but nothing worrisome. It was 131. I'm not at all concerned. Most of the doctors in that practice don't even blink until it gets to 135... so we'll see what the doc says. I doubt it will be an issue.

Anyway. I just had to put it out there (even if it makes me sound like a total brat!) I'm so glad that the dizziness is an easy fix. Iron supplementation, here I come!

ETA: I passed the glucose tolerance test, but have to see a hematologist on Thursday. I'm predicting a diagnosis: Iron deficiency anemia, with a treatment plan of iron supplementation. Any bets?

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Jessica said...

sometimes friend.... it just feels good to say I told you so.