Saturday, July 30, 2011

We're Going to Have Our Hands Full

Today was... um, terrifying.

We spent the morning puppy-sitting my Dad's new chocolate lab. He's super adorable, and makes LJ all kinds of happy. When he came to pick him up, we sat and talked for about an hour. Just shooting the breeze and chilling out. While I was talking with him, Miss E was moving around like crazy. It was silly to watch, because it almost seemed as if she was trying to kick things off of my "lap." (yeah, like I have a lap at this point.)


After he left, I decided that I was going to just relax for a bit. Funny, but E wasn't moving any more. I figured she was just asleep. About an hour later, she still hadn't moved. "Probably just squished in there. I'm sure she's fine." I thought. Another hour passed, and I started to freak out. I hopped in the tub, where she normally becomes very active. I can sit and watch her move for a good 30 minutes... usually. This time - nothing. I could feel where her little bum was, so I used the palm of my hand to push her. Hard. She simply moved down, but only from the force of my hand. Then I waited for her to kick me. She usually doesn't appreciate being "told" where to go, so I figured she'd surely protest if I pushed on her. Nothing. I got out of the tub, and had LJ bring me a Coke, that I drank through a straw while lying in bed on my left side. 5 min... 10 min... 15 min... with nothing. Queue the tears. At 20 minutes I called my OB. They sent me to labor and delivery.

So, there I am trying not to completely freak out while lying to LJ, ("oh, I forgot I forgot I have an appointment today up at the hospital for a quick test") while texting my Dad about what going on and making arrangements for him to babysit. We got all loaded into the car (I drove... DH's cast isn't exactly driving-friendly) and headed out. This is about where my heart about exploded because everyone was driving SO DAMN SLOWLY! And it occurred to me that the hospital isn't nearly as close as it has seemed every other time we have been there. Longest 15 minutes EVER! Just before we got to the hospital, I thought I might have felt something, but it was so small I wasn't sure.

Once we arrived it took another 20 minutes to get registered and hooked up to the monitors.

132 bpm. I almost puked.

Then she moved. BIG. The giant "whoosh" that echoed through the room through the monitor made me almost pass out from relief. I watched intently as her heartbeat jumped all over. From 117-184 bpm. She kept moving. At that point, I didn't care that I looked like a giant idiot for coming to the hospital when she was obviously just trying to scare the shit out of me. Well done, EJ. Task accomplished.

After about an hour, we were sent home. Happy, safe, and HEALTHY, with a few more gray hairs to show for the experience. What a stinker! She's already grounded until she's 5. I'm not even kidding. (well, maybe just a little.)

One interesting tidbit of info we learned: I'm contracting. A lot. Not big contractions, (I can't even feel them) but they are steady and regular. What does this mean? NOT A DANG THING! Another thing I learned? My doctor likes to go out of town without warning his patients. Nice. I'm a little irked by that one. I have another appointment on Monday. We'll be discussing.

As for now... I'm heading to bed to put my cankles up and hopefully bask in the delight of feeling my daughter try her best to keep me awake all night long. Go ahead, Missy E. Do your thing. I'll be happy to watch my tummy dance as long as you're willing to make it do so. And please, for the love - NEVER DO THIS TO ME AGAIN!!!


Jessica said...

I love she is grounded already. Sorry she scared the crap outta you. Can you imagine the poor moms that the baby is situated behind the placenta and they don't ever get to feel things??? She seems like a joker to me. :) And look you didn't even deliver this week!!! Another plus!

One Day said...

Oh man- I almost puked just reading this I was so freaked out (and I knew that things turned out fine). What am I gonna do as a mother?!?!

I'm so glad all is well and E was just testing your dedication. You passed, Mom! ;)

Oh- I'm already getting

AFM said...

Glad everything is ok. it is definatley scary when they don't move for ages.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Yikes! What a scare... so glad that all is well, even if EJ is being naughty.

And don't worry about feeling foolish... it's ALWAYS better to go in to get things checked out.

BU said...

I can't WAIT for her to get here! So so happy for you. <3

Annie said...

I hope Miss E has been behaving better for you these last couple of days. This last bit is just
d r a g g i n g isn't it? Time to come out girls!