Saturday, July 30, 2011

We're Going to Have Our Hands Full

Today was... um, terrifying.

We spent the morning puppy-sitting my Dad's new chocolate lab. He's super adorable, and makes LJ all kinds of happy. When he came to pick him up, we sat and talked for about an hour. Just shooting the breeze and chilling out. While I was talking with him, Miss E was moving around like crazy. It was silly to watch, because it almost seemed as if she was trying to kick things off of my "lap." (yeah, like I have a lap at this point.)


After he left, I decided that I was going to just relax for a bit. Funny, but E wasn't moving any more. I figured she was just asleep. About an hour later, she still hadn't moved. "Probably just squished in there. I'm sure she's fine." I thought. Another hour passed, and I started to freak out. I hopped in the tub, where she normally becomes very active. I can sit and watch her move for a good 30 minutes... usually. This time - nothing. I could feel where her little bum was, so I used the palm of my hand to push her. Hard. She simply moved down, but only from the force of my hand. Then I waited for her to kick me. She usually doesn't appreciate being "told" where to go, so I figured she'd surely protest if I pushed on her. Nothing. I got out of the tub, and had LJ bring me a Coke, that I drank through a straw while lying in bed on my left side. 5 min... 10 min... 15 min... with nothing. Queue the tears. At 20 minutes I called my OB. They sent me to labor and delivery.

So, there I am trying not to completely freak out while lying to LJ, ("oh, I forgot I forgot I have an appointment today up at the hospital for a quick test") while texting my Dad about what going on and making arrangements for him to babysit. We got all loaded into the car (I drove... DH's cast isn't exactly driving-friendly) and headed out. This is about where my heart about exploded because everyone was driving SO DAMN SLOWLY! And it occurred to me that the hospital isn't nearly as close as it has seemed every other time we have been there. Longest 15 minutes EVER! Just before we got to the hospital, I thought I might have felt something, but it was so small I wasn't sure.

Once we arrived it took another 20 minutes to get registered and hooked up to the monitors.

132 bpm. I almost puked.

Then she moved. BIG. The giant "whoosh" that echoed through the room through the monitor made me almost pass out from relief. I watched intently as her heartbeat jumped all over. From 117-184 bpm. She kept moving. At that point, I didn't care that I looked like a giant idiot for coming to the hospital when she was obviously just trying to scare the shit out of me. Well done, EJ. Task accomplished.

After about an hour, we were sent home. Happy, safe, and HEALTHY, with a few more gray hairs to show for the experience. What a stinker! She's already grounded until she's 5. I'm not even kidding. (well, maybe just a little.)

One interesting tidbit of info we learned: I'm contracting. A lot. Not big contractions, (I can't even feel them) but they are steady and regular. What does this mean? NOT A DANG THING! Another thing I learned? My doctor likes to go out of town without warning his patients. Nice. I'm a little irked by that one. I have another appointment on Monday. We'll be discussing.

As for now... I'm heading to bed to put my cankles up and hopefully bask in the delight of feeling my daughter try her best to keep me awake all night long. Go ahead, Missy E. Do your thing. I'll be happy to watch my tummy dance as long as you're willing to make it do so. And please, for the love - NEVER DO THIS TO ME AGAIN!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

An annoying pregnancy-related post, complete with pics.

I couldn't resist, and must share. (That's a good sign, right?)

Miss E @ 36w5d

Obviously, there is something in front of her face, probably her arm, but I couldn't help it. I love this picture!

My Dr. appointment was pretty uneventful. I forgot all of the questions I was going to ask, so it was a pretty quick trip. I am still only dilated to a 1, but I am now 60% effaced. I REALLY hope that things get a little better in the weeks to come and that my body doesn't crap out on me and force me into a c-section. I know there are worse things, but I really just don't want a repeat of LJ's birth story. I am a bit more prepared for a c-section should one be needed, but it certainly would not be ideal. Not being able to hold my baby for at least 40 minutes after delivery (assuming my epidural allows me to), and finding out most of her stats after the fact is just not what I want. I know it's still early, but hearing my OB tell me that my cervix is "not favorable" at this point threw me for a loop. There is plenty of time for it to change, but it made my anxiety-prone self worry a bit too much. I guess I just thought things were a little better than they are. *Sigh*

And, since I think I might regret it if I don't do one of these at least ONCE during my pregnancy... here goes:

How far along? 36 weeks 5 days
Total weight gain/loss: 1 lb. gained.
Maternity clothes? Mostly. My belly hasn't gotten too big, so I have a few items that I can still comfortably wear from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe.
Stretch marks? A whole crop stretched just above my belly button. They don't bother me at all. I'm proud of them. =)
Sleep: Lately it is harder to stay asleep. I have terrible acid-reflux at night that usually wakes me at least twice. Sometimes it even makes me throw up. Luckily, DH lets me sleep in, so it's really not a big deal.
Best moment this week: I am assuming this has to be pregnancy related, so I'll say seeing Miss E during my ultrasound today was pretty freakin' spectacular. (as usual)
Movement: She's mellowed out quite a bit in the last week or so, to the point of scaring me a few times, but as soon as I'm ready to call L&D, she gets the point and starts moving around like crazy.
Food cravings: I haven't really had any cravings lately other than lots and lots of ice water. With LOTS of ice. MMMMMM
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: None really. Braxton Hicks don't count.
Belly Button in or out? Innie. But barely.
Wedding rings on or off? Off. My legs from the knee down, as well as my hands are enormous. It's the only thing that is really bothering me. It makes my joints stiff, and my feet feel bruised all of the time.
What I miss: Not a damn thing!
What I am looking forward to: Of course I'm looking forward to meeting her, but I'm bitterly sad that my pregnancy is almost over. I don't want it to end!
Weekly Wisdom: Caffeine is the devil.
Milestones: I hit 37 weeks (full term) on Wednesday.

Okay, I'm going to go eat a piece of lemonade pie (OMG, delish!) and stare at ultrasound pics for a bit before I hit the hay. I'll try to update again on Monday. =)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Moving Along

I'm still here. Kind of.

Things are still crazy, and I am running out of time at an astonishing rate, but things are good. DH has had pretty much zero pain from the surgery, so it's really just more of an inconvenience than anything.

My house still looks like a storage unit, with all kind of furniture out of place - either waiting to go to the actual storage unit, or to be picked up by new owners. It's the laundry that will be the death of me. My upstairs hallway is one big fire hazard. The entire corridor is lined with garbage bags full of miscellaneous fabric items waiting to be cleaned and organized. I think they will be there until I die. Pretty sure.

Right now, my current priority is packing my hospital bag. I think this wee little one will be here within 2 weeks, and I haven't even packed my bag! How did this happen? I printed out a suggestion list of what to pack from th.e, and it is pretty awesome. Now just to gather the items. I am slowly realizing that I am not nearly as prepared as I thought I was. I have a lot that I still need to pick up. I have been scouring stores both physically and online to find the perfect outfit to bring Miss E home in, and have come up miserably short. I found ONE outfit that I thought was perfect for the occasion, but it was unavailable in the right size. I almost cried.

Speaking of Miss E, she is begun making arrangements for her arrival. At my last check I was already beginning to dilate (!) and she seems to be in the correct position to attempt a VBAC. She's a bit on the small size (which is really not very surprising seeing as I am STILL 2 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight) weighing in at an estimated 5 lbs. 5 oz. Oh, and she was kind enough to flip-off my Dr. - in 4D - when he tried to get her to turn so that we could get a picture of her face. She gets it from her Dad, I'm sure.

Apparently, I am positive for Group B Strep, which I was surprised about. I didn't have it with LJ, so I expected that it would be the same this time. My Dr. said that it is pretty much a non-issue anyway, as long as I get IV antibiotics during labor.

Okay, I think I've brought you all up to date. I'm off to pack my bag. =)

Oh, and if any of you happen to stumble upon an outfit like this one (the pink) in a local store... PLEASE let me know! This is from's but of course, not the right size. TIA

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hurdle #1 Cleared

DH's surgery went well today. (Or yesterday, but whatever. Days are separated by sleep, therefore it was today. LOL)

They put him in a super smelly splint that makes me want to gag every time I come near him (seriously, I swear the dipped the damn thing in fish guts before they put it on his foot! Probably enough to last the 2 weeks he has to wear it. GAG!!!), but he is in zero pain for now. He had a nerve block before the operation that should hopefully last until tomorrow afternoon. Then the pain pills should take over from there.

Anyway... the next 2 weeks are going to suck like crazy, but in the end it will all be worth it.

Sorry for the mini-updates, but it's the best I can do for now.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Remember when...

...I said 7 weeks?

Doc says 3. We'll see if his prediction comes true. Like I said, no induction.

So PLEASE, Miss E.... wait a while, k?

Friday, July 1, 2011

I should be sleeping...

...but instead I'm letting myself be, um. I don't even know.

I only have 7 weeks left! =) I only have 7 weeks left =(

I can't believe it's almost over. She's going to be here before we know it and although I'm absolutely giddy with excitement to see her precious little face... I'm so sad that it's almost! over! Where did the time go?

I lay here at night and watch my belly dance and all I can think about is how incredibly lucky we are. Even though there is so much going on right now and stress is nearly overwhelming, I am so happy. Right now, I have little EJ all to myself. I've needed this experience for so long and I am so sad to see it come to and end. I know, I know... I still have 7 weeks, but that is really not very long. I will miss her using my bladder as a trampoline, and stretching out sideways so I look like I have a watermelon in my shirt. I will miss her getting all hyperactive about 20 minutes after I eat, and I will miss my little mental conversations with her in the middle of the night after I've gotten up to pee for the 40th time.

This has been such a different experience for me. I am so much more appreciative. With LJ I was so naive, and took so so much for granted. And although by most people's standards I have plenty to complain about, I am LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF THIS! I get really frustrated when people try to get me to complain, or make comments like they pity me for being pregnant in the summer. OMG! NOT SUMMER! (*eye roll) "Aren't you just miserable?" , "I'm dying of heat, I can't even imagine how awful you must feel!"... this kind of thing. Okay, first of all... I am not miserable in the slightest. I'd spend my 40 weeks in Hades if it meant I got to bring this baby home. And really? Hot? The warmest it's been is 92*. WHAAAA! I have an air conditioner, and I'm not idiotic enough to spend my days out in direct sunlight. Why is this so hard for people to understand? Bottom line: I signed up for this. I begged God everyday for 8 years for this miracle. Why, for any reason - would I complain about it? This is EXACTLY what I asked for. This is not to say that pregnancy is always easy, but it IS always wonderful, and should never be treated as anything other than the miracle it is. Oh, and if one more person asks me if I'm going to be induced so that I can "just get her out of there", I'm going to kill someone. SHE'LL COME WHEN SHE'S FREAKIN' READY! She has my permission to use my uterus for as long as we're both healthy. I don't care if she waits until September! I am not going to wish this away for any reason! So, no. If I get my way, I won't be induced AT ALL! Ugh.

Wow. Sorry. Didn't realize all that was bugging me so bad. I do feel a bit better though. LOL

Oh, and I really need to thank you all for your kind comments to my last post. Things are still crazy, and time is just a'ticking away, but I really will survive. I know that I have so much to be grateful for, and that above all is affecting me daily. Although things are chaotic and I don't have any spare time (like I said.. I should be sleeping), I really am happy.

Thank you all for taking such great care of me. I heart you! Hopefully sometime soon I'll have a chance to catch up with all of you. But seriously. Thanks for always being here for me!