Sunday, February 28, 2010

To PIO or not to PIO

Funny thing happened today. I did an OPK, and it looks pretty dang close to positive. Why is that funny, you ask? Well, because I am well past my normal days to ovulate. DH was in Tennessee for 2 weeks, so we were pretty sure we'd be out this cycle. But apparently my body noticed his absence and waited for him. Nice, huh?

I'm not sure if I caught the LH surge on its way up or down, but I should have a better idea when I test in the morning. I'm pretty confident that it happened yesterday. You know what they say, hindsight is 20/20. The signs were there, but I didn't really pay attention, figuring I was past O already. And of course, with him being gone for 2 weeks, there's been some... um... "reacquainting."

So now the question: What would you do? This wasn't exactly expected so I don't have a lot of PIO on hand. Would you order more? Would you take it at all? I have a known issue with progesterone deficiency in early pregnancy. On my IUI cycles I have to start them the day after ovulation. All of my IUIs are natural cycles, so this isn't much of a difference. Should I take it just in case? It feels so weird to be unprepared. This hasn't happened in almost 7 years! It's kind of exciting! I know our chances aren't very great, but just that fact that there is a chance makes my tummy dance.

Please weigh in. I'll be calling my RE's office in the morning, but they aren't really known for speedy replies. I'm sure you'll have better advice anyway. LOL

ETA: In case you're curious, here's what my OPKs looked like from today:

AETA: The nurse finally called back. PIO starts Wednesday.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Show and Tell

(I know it's a bit naughty, and I'm usually SO NOT naughty, but I couldn't resist. I'm just feeling a little guilty for posting. Sorry)

While making my blogging rounds today, I read Julie's post about, among other things, taking her son to Disney World.

And it got me to thinkin'.

I thought about our first trip to Disneyland in February of 2008. I remember the magic we all felt, and how I wish I were there NOW. I love Disneyland. All of it. I want to live there. Seriously...(

So, while I allowed my mind to wander back to that happy time, I pulled up the slew of pictures I took from the trip. As I went through them, one caught my eye.

We had just left Goofy's Kitchen, where we were delighted to have had breakfast with many of our most beloved characters. We were heading back toward the park entrance, when LJ spotted this topiary and we decided to stop for a picture. Much later that day, when we had returned to the hotel and LJ was asleep for the night, I sat at my computer and downloaded all the pictures I had taken that day. I carefully went through each shot cropping, correcting lighting, and removing redeye. When I got to this one, my focus wasn't on Mickey, but on LJ. It took me a minute to see it. Then, I giggled. Then I giggled a little harder. Soon, I was hysterically laughing, trying to call DH over to see, through teary-eyes. It didn't take him nearly as long to see what I was laughing at (must be a guy thing... HAHAHAHA). Pretty soon, we were making all kinds of jokes. Disneyland really is the Happiest Place on earth!

Do you see what we saw?

Is that Mickey's...uh,...

Now that you've had your giggle, stop by Mel's and see what the rest of the class is sharing.

ETA: A few days after our trip, I actually called guest services and told them about the topiary. I tried to explain, but it was soooo awkward. I opted to get the agents email address and send her the pic. I waited while she opened it. Then I waited while she laughed, and then apologized profusely for doing so. She asked if she could send the picture to maintenance, to which I'm sure they were delighted. She called me later that day to tell me that they had "fixed Mickey." I'm so glad people still have senses of humor!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Need a Laugh?

My cousin told me about this blog, and it has become my instant favorite. Karen records her husband, Adam as he talks in his sleep and then posts his funny, odd, crude, mean, and completely entertaining ramblings for the world to hear/read.

So. Freaking. Funny!

Enjoy! (Be sure to check out the audio links in the left side bar. Damn those kittens!)

Sleep Talkin' Man

Sunday, February 14, 2010


For the next 2 weeks, I may or may not be able to comment. DH took his computer with him to TN, so I'm stuck with the one that won't let me comment (at least most of the time). Oh yeah, AND IT'S DRIVING ME FREAKING CRAZY!!!

SOOO, please know that I am thinking of you. And Mummy, I am sending you a huge hug! I wish I had your email. Love you, guys!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fat Lady or not, it's not over.

Pretty sure this cycle is a bust. I'm still getting stark white BFNs so I'm not even going to bother with the beta tomorrow. Honestly, if I were pregnant right now, I wouldn't want to know. Low numbers are worse than a negative, expecially knowing my history and what always follows them.

I thought I'd be a mess about it, but I'm not. Actually, I kind of feel like taking a victory lap. Afterall, I DID IT! I went through with the cycle, and the PIOs, and I didn't even die! Who'd have thunk? This "first" cycle was hard for me. So very, very hard. I was so scared that I was going to get pregnant, and have a complete repeat of Oct./Nov. I was almost planning on it. It may sound crazy, but I wouldn't be surprised if I have some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But - we're not going to dwell. I did it, damnit! I did not let this beat me.

So take that you sonofabitch, baby-stealing, heartbreaking, family-wrecking, mind-numbingly awful, infertility! I hate you! And I will do everything in my power to BRING YOU DOWN! You're not going to stop me! This bitch is on a roll!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Okay, still can't comment. On Anything.

Anyone have any pointers? As soon as I log in, or click the "submit comment" button, the page refreshes and deletes my comment. I am getting sooo pissed!

I have warm wishes to share! However will I send them?

*ETA: Apparently it has to do with my computer. If I use DH's I can comment just fine. Too bad I'm not skilled enough to figure out his settings so that I could fix mine.