Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A great big "Thanks"

I just wanted to say thank you for the comments on my last post. It felt good to get it all "out" and I have felt much better. (JuliaS, I cannot follow your comment back to your blog, will you please leave a link? I'd love to stay in touch!)

There are only 2 more weeks left of the semester and even though I will barely pass 2 of my classes, at least I will be done. I am taking the summer semester off. I think I need some time to just "be".

We are heading into IUI #7 which will probably take place sometime next week. My progesterone levels came back last cycle at 9.9 8dpo. My RE said he would have liked them to be over 10, but the nurse told me that he doesn't want me to be on supplements. I think this is where I put my foot down. I am going to insist on supplementation after ovulation. I'd rather deal with the (unlikely) effects of too much progesterone, than have to deal with another loss because we weren't cautious enough. I think my RE will be okay with it, and if he's not... I'll find one who is. I'm just not willing to risk it.

On a happier note: I took some pictures of my DD last week for Easter, and subsequently discovered Adobe Lightroom. Let's just say, I may have to find a 12-step program! I really LOVE what it can do. The only bad part is that I find myself often doing things by "accident". I wish I could actually figure out how to work the program like it is designed.

I was leary of putting up a pic of DD, but I just have to. It's probably the only one you'll see, so enjoy:

I wish I could duplicate the effect of the light on her face on one where she is smiling, but so far, I can't quite figure it out. LOL

I'll try to keep you posted on what is going on with the IUI, but with finals coming up, I'm not sure how much I'll be online. Thanks again for your comments. It helps me more than you know!

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JuliaS said...

Sorry about the link. Here is one that should work for you - it will take you to my blog.

Life After Infertility & Lossor just email me directly at juliemac(at)fidmail(dot)com

Your daughter is beautiful - very nice picture! I will have to check out the Adobe program.