Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"It's so good to see you fat!"!!

Yes, this was actually said to me. Okay, well not to me but to DH - about me. The word "fat" was substituted for "big" when it was said directly to me.

But don't worry. I still love the person who said it. After all, she's IS my grandma! LOL

So, apparently my belly has finally decided to announce this pregnancy. So far I have gone to maternity pants, back to my normal clothes, and now heading back to maternity. DH told me today that I can no longer hide it now that thing are beginning to round out. (Not that I've been trying to hide anything.)

Tonight was probably the most mortifying experience I have had so far. I went bra shopping. Not because my bras aren't fitting, but because I'm tired of being stabbed with escaping underwires, and I decided to move on to a nursing bra. (No, it's not too early. Trust me. I have overachieving ta-ta's. Nursing pads are already needed.)

I began with my normal size. Too small.
I moved up a band size. Needed a bigger cup (!!)
Moved to a bigger cup. Still too small.
Then I was measured.


I am in an "F", girls. A. FREAKING. EFF!!!

I almost cried. Then I laughed. Then I showed DH (who asked if he could brag). Then I almost cried again when I realized that this is not the size I will end up as. (I went up almost 3 cup sizes after my milk came in with LJ.)

You know why this sucks, right? Not only is this an incredibly hard size to find... but I AM GOING TO END UP WITH BOOBS THAT SAG TO MY ANKLES and I'm not even 30 yet! I do not want to be one of those women who have to roll their boobs up just so they can fit them in a bra! I can see it now. My bra will look like 2 tube socks sewn to some straps.

Go ahead. Laugh. I am. (kinda)

Before and After.

Honestly, I don't care that much. I was just super embarrassed. At least I got a great deal! 2 bras for $40 bucks ain't bad! =)


Annie said...

After my losses it irritated me when someone would say I look great or I'm so thin. I would always think, "But I WANT to be FAT!!" So hooray for being fat and having big boobs, although I think we both may be overdoing that a little. Our cups runneth over!

BU said...

A picture is in order. Obviously. (belly not boobs ;)

Jessica said...

HA two words... Boob Job. Bra shopping is traumatic. The last time I was at VS (i buy them cause I have a credit card there) and I was so annoyed I even told the sales girl, nothing like killing ones self esteem... and let the guy brag ;)