Friday, December 2, 2011


So ya know what sucks?  Wind. Wind freakin' SUCKS!!!!

86mph winds, people.  The highest wind recorded today (about 10 min. away from my house) was 102mph. That's the same as a category 2 hurricane, folks. 

Currently we are without power, and when I left my home at around 5pm the temp inside was only 52*.  When I called the power company, they told me that they don't expect the power to be back on until Saturday at the earliest.  My neighborhood is a disaster area.  I have never seen such destruction.  I couldn't help but cry when I drove down the street and within 3 blocks counted 9 very large toppled trees.  One of my neighbors lost their roof. Not shingles - their actual roof.  My dad, who lives only 4 blocks away, has to replace his roof.  More than half of his shingles were torn off.   I am so nervous that he wont be able to make the repairs.  He's been out of work for months. 

There is so much debris!  Trees were blocking many roads in my area, making it hard to drive anywhere. 

We were lucky.  We lost part of the roof on our shed, some shingles off the roof, a few strips of siding,  and our new barbeque was ripped apart, but we are lucky.  We will be spending the next couple of days with my inlaws until the power comes back on so we don't freeze to death, and so we have food to eat (our stove/oven is electric, and we don't dare let the cold out of the fridge/freezer by opening it). There are many people that will spend the same time in emergency shelters set up in the area.

Tonight I am counting my lucky stars.  Please send positive thoughts and prayers to those around us who were not so fortunate.

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