Sunday, September 28, 2008

Story time...

After I told my RE that I was going to do clomid (or more like his stuck-up nurse) they decided that I couldn't come to them for monitoring this cycle, and I would have to go to the Dr. who prescribed the clomid. Well, seeing as I didn't want to be crappily monitored by an OB who only THINKS he's good at dealing with IF, I had to skip the trigger shot. I was only a little disappointed and decided to go back to OPKs twice a day from CD 10 on.

Well, assuming that I would ovulate earlier because of the clomid (I took it days 3-7) I only bought 1 box. By CD 13, I had not yet had anywhere near a positive read, so I decided I would go back and buy another box. Of course, all day, I forgot about it and didn't remember until 8:15 pm (my deadline for testing the second time each day is 9 pm).

So, back to Wal.mart I go, and of course, they are out of Blu.e OPKs... and of course, that's the only brand my clinic will accept for accurate results. So, now that I am in a panic (and having to pee horribly) I tried another store... nope, then another, they didn't have any either. So, I raced to the next nearest store hoping that they carried my brand. All the way into the store (it's almost 9 by this point) I am praying that, please... if this is my month PLEASE let them carry CBE. I walked through the aisles searching for that rectangular blue box, and lo and behold, there it was. I almost cried. And then I looked at the price tag. $7.00 more than I normally pay. Seeing as I had only had enough cash on me to pay the Wal.mar.t price, I continued to pray as I counted my change.

I sqeaked by, by 17 cents. I thanked my lucky stars, and continued on with testing twice a day.

In the meantime, I had been fighting my insurance over reimbursing me for the IUI we did in June. They are supposed to cover 90% of the costs, but for some reason (mainly a lack of communication between departments)they had denied the claim twice, regardless of the fact that I had a pre-approval number, and every ounce of documentation they had requested. The last time I talked to them, on Sept. 2, I was assured that it was all taken care of and I would recieve a check no later than the 21st. Without it, this IUI would not be possible for us financially. Sept. 21st came and went, and no check. I called again on Friday, and was told that the claim was applied to my out-of-network deductible, and they would process an appeal, but it would take 30 days for a resolution.

But then, at roughly 4:00 today, I got a glowing "positive" OPK. The test line was showing before the control line had even been reached.

Of course, I was excited to get such a clear positive, but at the same time, disappointed that we would have to go the "natural" route instead of an IUI (no offense, honey).

Tonight we went to a family dinner at DH's parents house and came home about an hour ago. While pulling in the drive way, I realized that we failed to check the mail yesterday, so DH went out and got it.

In the mess of advertisements and junk mail, laid an envelope from Blue X Blue Shei.ld for exactly 90% of the costs of an IUI.

So, with a bit of renewed faith, and a hell of a lot of hope, we are going in for IUI #5 tomarrow.

It seems like God may finally be on our side this cycle. Hopefully, he doesn't change his mind. Wish us luck!

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I Believe in Miracles said...

I always ovulate quite late with Clomid...
Congrats on the IUI reimbursement. That's awesome.
Good luck!!