Friday, June 3, 2011

Le Sigh

Life is busy. I mean CRAZY busy. Here's why:

1. DH has been slowly moving his office from work to home (and thereby consuming every last bit of free space in my home with LARGE boxes of office equipment... not that there's a lot of free space with all this baby stuff floating around, but still...). It's putting me out of my comfort level at an alarming rate, and I'm going nuts will all of this clutter. I don't do well with change, and this is making me nuts!

2. LJ is wrapping up her softball season with a slew of double headers. Her last games are Wednesday and I'm totally expecting some tears that day (mine!). I have absolutely LOVED watching her games. I will be really sad to see the season end.

3. LJ's last day of school was today. The last 3 weeks have been more than chaotic with all the activities planned. Between the regular school celebrations, and the Spectrum Program's little (and by little I mean all day ginormous) activities, we've been swamped. Zoo, planetarium, Science Center, Spectrum Olympics, chimes concert, decade day, field day, water party, awards ceremony, and economics fair. It's been a bit more than crazy.

4. Yard sale. We are planning a yard sale for next Saturday and it's been a lot of work. We live in a townhouse that is approx. 1200-1300 sq. ft. and we're trying to de-clutter and make room for not only DH's home office, but also the baby. We're also hoping to down-size our 10x10 storage unit by selling a bunch of stuff in there. I cannot express how cluttered my house is right now. I currently have a swing and pack-n-play set up in the middle of my living room - which just happens to be one of the smallest rooms in my home, along with all of DH's office stuff. We're a little squished.

5. Family commitments. Between the in-laws needing lots of help re-landscaping their backyard and my SIL moving and preparing her old house for renters, we've spent a lot of time away from home.

6. Preparations for LJ's next play. Apparently, she's caught the acting bug. She's been begging to audition for a play in a community theater for a long time, but I haven't let her because most of the production dates are during the school year. Plays that last until 10 pm or later on school nights just don't jive with a 3rd grader's sleep requirements, ya know? So, when we heard that our city is doing a production of The Wi.zard of O.z that will run from June 30th-July 5th with all rehearsals on Saturday mornings... well, I couldn't exactly say "no." She auditioned back in April, and was beyond THRILLED to get a role as a munchkin (fitting, no?). We didn't find out until later that it would be my responsibility to make her costume.

Actually, I rather like sewing... especially Halloween costumes. But it's much harder to get into it when it's someone else's idea. And I'm not really loving the idea. Oh, well. LJ's happy so that's all that matters. I am super excited to see the play. Her enthusiasm is contagious! (Oh, and they are having a contest between cast members to see who can sell the most tickets and my girl wants to WIN! She's nothing if not determined!)

So, this is my lame-ass apology for being MIA. I hope to get through the next few weeks alive, and then hopefully we'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming. =)

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Annie said...

I was wondering how you've been doing. This certainly explains why you haven't posted in awhile! Hope you'll be able to take it easy with your baby girl once all this craziness is past.