Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Point of View (PICTURE POST)

8.5 weeks. That's all I have left until my due date. It has gone by ridiculously fast for me and I'm finally to the point that most of the dread has passed.

I have been reading a lot of my favorite blogs lately with a bit of jealousy. I love looking at ultrasound/belly pics and yet, I haven't posted any of my own. So - I figured, what the hell. This was meant to be another volume of my journals, so I'm going to post a couple of pics here and there. And since this whole blog is written from my point of view, that's what you get with the belly shot. =)

I went from this...

Day of transfer (only 2 days into the heparin)

to this -
29 weeks

Granted, that last pic was taken nearly 3 weeks ago, but to tell you the truth... I look the EXACT same! I'm starting to wonder if I will get much bigger than this. With LJ, I never looked much further than about 7 months, so maybe it will be the same this time. (I can still wear my pre-pregnancy clothes if I use a rubber band.)

Everything is going really well. The anemia is under control and I haven't had any side effects from the iron. The only not-so-pleasant thing that I have going on is some adema in my legs/feet. My feet keep getting so puffy that my skin feels like it's on fire, and my legs will actually dent if I push on them. But honestly, it's not horrible. It's only uncomfortable at night, and the rest of the time it gives me a wonderful excuse to stay off my feet. =) I've been drinking more water and trying not to do so much and it really seems to be helping. I only gained 3 pounds at my last appointment (Dr. thinks it's the adema) and I am still 4 lbs. under my pre-pregnancy weight. EJ is estimated at 3 lbs. 7 ounces as of a week and a half ago, and everything looks good. (Except for my feet. LOL)

And finally - the reason I am so very very happy to be doing this:

4D Ultrasound from 4/17/11

She's perfect. She's silly (kicked her Daddy in the head twice today just to say "Happy Father's Day", I'm sure!) and she's exactly what our family has been needing. Her middle name will be "Joy", because there is simply no better way to describe her.

She is worth every. single. tear. that has been shed in the last 8 years. She is worth celebrating. She is worth seeing on this blog, and she is a miracle.

Life is so good right now.


AnxiousMummyto3 said...

This is the most beautiful post, thank you so much for sharing these pics! I would love to hear from you on email if you have the time as I just can't find the time to blog. Xxoo

Jessica said...

what!! Do you realize how long its been since I've seen you?? When you write it all out like this. She sure is a cutie! I can't wait to meet her along with everyone else!!