Friday, October 24, 2008

Things that make meim go, "hmmmm"

I was checking in with Hope2marrow's blog (a new addiction of mine), and she had a very thought provoking post. I have never actually figured out how long we've been dealing with infertilty, and Hope's post made me wonder if figuring it out would give me new insite. So... I copied her. (Thanks for the idea Hope2marrow... it thought it was really cool, obviously.)

Here is my infertilty struggle in numerical form:

5 1/2 years
66 months
283 weeks
2033 days
48792 hours
2927520 minutes
175651200 seconds.

Well, that adds perspective.


Hope2morrow said...

Doesn't it give a great deal of perspective to look at things numerically? No wonder I've been such a dud the past few years; I'm exhausted!

Glad you liked the idea. Hang in there.

Penny said...

yikes, that sounds like an easy way to depress yourself.

good luck with your surgery.

Kahla said...

Yikes, that is definitely one way to put it in perspective. Now I can't steer my mind away from adding it up for us... stupid IF.