Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Roller Coaster continues... in a GOOD way (today at least)

So, I called my regular OB for a second opinion. He called me back today and told me that the amount my beta dropped on Friday was within the margin of error for the test, so he asked me to go in and repeat the test. Of course, I wasn't expecting anything wonderful, but to our VERY pleasant surprise, my beta went up. It is still not in the typical range for how far along I am, but my doubing time from the first beta, to the one today is 70 hours.

We repeated the ultrasound to check for ectopic (again) and there was no sign that was happening. He did however, note that because my lining is SO thick (which he said is another good sign that this isn't ectopic) it may be harder to see something for a longer period of time.
He saw an area that looked different than the rest of my uterus, but because of the lining, it was impossible to tell for sure what it was. He said it may be "pregnancy tissue", and that I have to go back next Tuesday to re-check. He said that I don't have to go in for anymore betas because it is obvious that they "aren't going to play by the rules" but that he has seen a lot of pregnancies follow this pattern and be perfectly healthy. We decided that I may just be a "crock pot", and that I cook slower than normal.

My hubby actually pointed out that LJ was consistently 2 weeks behind with all of her ultrasounds, but we know when I got pregnant with her, and we were sure of our timing. She was born completely healthy, (only 2 days before my due date), so we're hoping this is just what my body does.

The only thing that worries me is that my progesterone level dropped a lot from Friday. It is still in the "normal" range, but it dropped by over 50 points. My Dr. just said to increase my injections if it would make me feel better. I am still on a relatively low dose, so I have some room to play with. I started to get a pain on my left side today, which is in the exact same place that I had an endometrioma. It always flared up before AF came, so it kind of freaked me out. Dr. said that my lining looks stable though, so not to worry. He thinks it is more likely that the pain is coming from my uterus growing and stretching the scar tissue in that area (from both my c-section, and the lap to remove the endometrioma.)

Okay, so that was a novel! I am SO glad that I followed the promptings that I had on Saturday and didn't quit the progesterone. OB says it can still go either way, but for now, things don't look awful. I'm just going to hold on to that. Things could definitely be worse.

(BTW,before you say, "yeah, but he's only an OB/GYN..."My OB also deals with IF more so than "normal" OBs. I actually did my first 2 IUIs with him. It was him that sent me to my current RE to see if he had more insight than him. The only thing that my RE changed was to have me time the IUIs by LH kit rather than ultrasound, and took me off of clomid, so I'm pretty confident in my OBs opinion.)

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Penny said...

oh wow oh wow oh wow! Big congratulations, I hope that beta keeps on going up. YAY!