Monday, October 12, 2009

What a Difference a Week Can Make

12 DPO

13 DPO 3MU
13 DPO

14 DPO

Now for the real question: To beta, or not to beta?

Ignorance is bliss, right?

***ETA: Apparently I don't have a choice. My RE sent the orders and I have to do the beta today. PLEASE pray for me! This test and I DO NOT get along!


Ashley said...

OMG! Prayers are on the way right now. Can't wait to hear the beta results.

JuliaS said...

Holding this hope tight and sending you nothing but the best thoughts and prayers.

Waiting with baited breath for the beta results.

Good wishes!

Eileen said...

Good luck. Can't wait to hear all about your awesome beta numbers. Thinking good thoughts for you.