Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Again? Now? Really?

SIL #4 just announced.

No kidding. Too bad I don't drink.

ETA: The next day a close cousin of mine announced, and this morning another cousin (we're not so close, thank heaven!) announced they are having TWINS! Who's turn is it today?

Oh, and you all realize it's different when it's one of "them" right? It's totally fine when it's one of US. LOL


AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Oh no, that sucks!! Seriously, I can't believe it. I know what you mean about the drinking. Couldn't your SIL have just kept it to herself? I'm so sorry you're hurting. Hoping that you get your good news at the end of this cycle-keeping everything crossed for you!!

JuliaS said...

Oh wow - I know that smarts. You're happy for them and at the same time . . . timing is everything.

Wish I were there - I'd stage a serious ice cream sundae bingefest.

Still holding nothing but the best hopes for you!


Michelle said...

maybe you'll ge to be the next to announce!!

fingers crossed!

The Prices said...

:( I am so sorry! I know just how crummy you feel!

Annie said...

Great for them, I'm sure, but a knife in the heart for you. My SIL just had twins this week and I suspect my sister of being secretly preggo. Makes my latest BFN all the more depressing. And I don't drink either - what's a Mormon girl to do?!

Hope you get a lasting BFP this time around!

Penny said...

Damn. That kind of news is just a bad blow at this particular time. Hope you can stick it right back to them in 2 weeks or so.

Beth said...

It sure would be nice if you could hit a pause button and keep everyone else from getting pregnant until you do. Between my family and my in-laws, I think we have the most fertile families in existance (like 42 year olds getting pregnany their first month trying) so I have had to sit through way too many announcements! Sending positive thoughts that your will be the next one to announce!!