Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Beginnings

Today was my HSG. Can I just tell you how worked up I got about this stupid 15 min. test? I was pretty sure I was going to collapse before my RE even got there. Of course, the main concern was my tubes. I was so scared that my right one would be blocked with scar tissue. It didn't help that after he began filling my uterus (without being able to see my tubes) he actually said, "I'm a little worried." He told me that my uterus was "pretty distended" with dye, so we were just going to calmly sit there and wait for a few minutes. I thought I'd vomit right then. The whole thing had been rather painless, but then right in the middle of a question I thought I felt a slight cramp so the tech took another picture. PHEW! The dye had finally spilled into both, that's right... BOTH tubes. Both of them looked beautiful. No blockages, and no sign of scar tissue. My RE gave me the green light to stop the birth control (YESSSS!!!!) even though I'm only about mid way through my second pack, and told me that if I wanted to, we could proceed with another IUI in as soon as 2 weeks. Yes, you read that right, TWO WEEKS! I am soooo freaking excited! Limbo has officially ended! (Can I get a hallelujah??)

Directly following my HSG, I met with my new counselor, Dr. C. She specializes in infertility, and was a wonderful breath of fresh air. Because my HSG ran long (I had NO IDEA I am allergic to iodine, but I'm keenly aware now!) I was only able to spend 1/2 hour with her. She pegged me pretty quick. Insomniac? Why, yes! Complulsive worrier? How did you know? Very goal oriented? I prefer the term "control freak." And these were just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I think we will get along famously.

Today was a good day.


JuliaS said...

Good news from the HSG! Hooray!

My first HSG was horrific - so crampy, painful and just awful. So when I had to go through a second one following my tubal pg, I was not thrilled. The second one was a piece of cake. I found out they had used a metal catheter for the first one - bad! And a flexible plastic one for the second - what a difference!

Anywho - great news, clear tubes! Hope that this is the good beginning to great year!

Penny said...

So glad to hear it! Go IUI!!!

Annie said...

Hallelujah! I'm right there with you, having just gotten the medical green light to try again after multiple losses, infertility, and being on the stupid pill. Hope we'll both have more reason to rejoice soon.