Friday, September 3, 2010

Houston, we (might) have a problem.

I had another appointment today. Here are the stats:

Right Ovary: 11.17mm, 11.4mm, 12.14mm, 7.03mm, 11.84mm, 15.32mm, 8.03mm

Left Ovary:... hello? Are you there, Left Ovary? (poke) hello? (jam wand at impossible angle) I know you're in there somewhere! (jam harder while smooshing Meim's tummy) Well, this is strange. (ask Meim to roll onto her left side with wand still in place) Hmmmm. (10 minutes and an unmentionable amount of torture later) Nope, can't find it.

YES, THIS REALLY DID HAPPEN, AND NO, WE NEVER DID FIND THE DAMN THING! But, Oh, did I feel it!!! (I can still feel exactly where it is, in all it's enraged glory, but we never could find it on u/s)

Also, Dr. H was a bit concerned that my lining is already at 15mm, with a pocket of fluid in the center. Apparently, embryos don't implant as well once the lining reaches 22-23mm, and they don't like to swim in fluid either. He said that there have been people in that situation that have actually had to do the retrieval and then freeze the embryos in order to have a period and then begin again in "more control circumstances."

See, the problem is that my uterus is "hypersensitive" to the hormones in my body. Namely, estrogen. You know, like the estrogen created as these follicles grow. The estrogen that is going to continue to increase over the next 4 days, as those little follicles grow big and strong... also making my lining thicken. Can you see why this is an issue? I can't stop the meds or my follicles won't be big enough to have mature eggs, but if I stay on them, my lining may be too thick for the embryos to implant.


So, in addition to feeling like I got punched repeatedly in the stomach, and my lady parts all assaulted and junk... I am in FULL PANIC mode that my cycle will be canceled if my lining doesn't chill out, and my uterus doesn't dump that fluid. It really could go either way from here.


I am to stay on my same dose and go back in on Sunday for another scan/blood draw.

Please pray for me.

ETA: today's E2 is 937 (is that good?)

Also ETA: I found a study that made me feel a bit better. You can read it here


Annie said...

Oh no! I can't believe your ovary managed to evade detection even after all the indignity you had to go through! It's nice to know that you could freeze your embryos if need be, but I'm praying hard that this WORKS, and works NOW.

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Hi honey,
what a terrible thing to have to go through. My left ovary is the same, always difficult to find, but has never evaded detection completely. I can't believe it, you poor thing. On the plus side, your doctor sounds great (mine didn't even tell me the size of my lining). I am still on a bit of a break but will be checking to see what happens. Crossing my fingers for you. love

Penny said...

Well, the big thing you don't want is if your eggs don't develop, so that is the first, biggest hurdle. If you have to do the thing in 2 parts, one to make the embryos and the next to put them back in ya, that is mostly a downer to you because you have to wait longer. But I am glad your doc is cautious about proceeding if conditions aren't perfect. Good luck, I hope it turns out like you want.