Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh, Boy...

This is really going to happen.

I trigger tonight at 11:30, and retrieval is scheduled for 10:30 Thursday morning.

I am super nervous because BOTH of my ovaries were little bastards today. It took a considerable amount of *ahem*, coaxing, shall we say? to get even a glimpse of them. He could only count about 7 follies today, but then again... it was a pretty crappy view. My E2 was 2993 so we're figuring about 10 mature eggs, but we shall see.

I am so scared that my considerably pissed-off little oophors are going to throw a tantrum and protest the entire procedure on Thursday. I'm considering sleeping duct-taped to the bedroom wall on Wednesday night to ensure that gravity has a chance to pull the little suckers down. UGH!

So...here we go.


Mrs. Gamgee said...

Praying... and keeping my fingers crossed too!

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Tell those little egg baskets to behave themselves!!
Seriously, I have been waiting for you to update. I was just about to email you. Hoping the retrieval goes fairly smoothly. Good luck!!! Make sure they give you heaps of pain meds at the hosp if you need them-I think I was on my 5th dose by the time I was discharged!!
Can't wait for the retrieval report :)
love xxx

One Day said...

GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK!!!! I'm thinking about you, and waiting for the report- I'm thinking good high numbers with super high quality :)

Penny said...

Oh Meim! Here we go. I remember feeling like I was trapped in ether while my embryos divided. If they retrieve in the double digits, which I expect will happen, go home and take a day in bed and drink lots and lots of water and eat some soup or potato chips or chinese or whatever salty foods you want. Drink, drink, drink (water). and practice holding your breath.

Annie said...

I think they'll be able to make you ovaries cooperate for the retrieval. They can be much more aggressive while you're unconscious than they were at the ultrasound. Hoping for great numbers!