Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just What I Needed to Hear

My Munchkin is awesome. Seriously.

After I got home and immediately updated this blog - I crashed. When I woke up, DH was on his way to class, and LJ was assuring him that she would take really good care of me. (They are both treating me as if I'm made of glass.) I've been sore, but I'm trying really hard not to take any pain pills, as not to mess with the chemistry in my body right now. I have been doing pretty good, so I told him earlier that I wouldn't need anyone to stay with me while he was gone, but LJ insisted. "If you need anything, Mom, just tell me. I will bring you anything you need." (Did I mention how awesome she is?)

Anyway, a few minutes after he left as I was laying in my bed watching T.V., LJ came in and started talking to me about her day. She told me about the really cool cup-stacking trick they learned in school and even recited the arrays of 24. She had a lot to say.

After we finished talking, I told her to please go into her room and put away her clean laundry. She agreed, and headed out the door. Then she stopped. She turned around and this is what she said:

"Mom, I'll love you no matter what." She stood for a minute, and then explained.

"Even if this doesn't work. Even if you adopt, and even if you don't. Even if I never get a baby brother or sister, I'll still love you."

I was crying before she finished her sentence. I hadn't realized how much I needed to hear that. All I could do is hug her. Probably for way too long, but she didn't seem to mind.

She is truly amazing. I realllly hope this works. Everyone deserves to have a big sister like LJ.

And honestly, everyone deserves to have an LJ.


AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Yes everyone deserves an LJ. What a sweet wonderful child. How adorable that she said the one thing you needed to hear the most. I am so glad she gave you that comfort, but I still really hope this works for you!!!
Can't wait for more updates :)
Love xxxxoooo

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Wow... what a great kid! (major power blinking going on here!)

Annie said...

Your LJ is so sweet! Who wouldn't want more just like her? Praying you're about to get more!